A residential screening report is one of the most powerful tools in a property manager’s arsenal. These reports are a critical glimpse into the life, history and behavior of a prospective tenant before they ever set foot into your rental property.

At Polaris Property Management, we work with a nationally-recognized company, National Tenant Network, to create residential screening reports on all tenants before they’re placed in the home. These reports go far beyond simple background or credit checks—they delve deeply into the lives and habits of tenants to make sure they’re the sort of people who will treat your home with respect, pay on time and generally be good neighbors.

There are multiple layers of information contained in a residential screening report. First, we look at the tenant’s past rental history. Do they have a history of breaking lease agreements? Have they ever been evicted? Do they pay their rent on time, or are they always pushing the envelope with late payments? Past performance is a predictor of future behavior, and the best way to find out what your tenant will be like down the road is to find out how they’ve acted in the past. Next, we look at criminal history, including social security card number abuse, court filings against them, terrorist watch listings and other information you need to know before you let someone into a property you own. Finally, we verify employment, find references from past landlords and help you reach a decision on whether this person is the right fit for you and your property.

You couldn’t possibly assemble a residential screening report on your own, and having access to this kind of information is one of the most important reasons to hire an Indianapolis property manager like Polaris Real Estate. Dan Baldini and his team of property management professionals will help you find, vet and place the very best tenants. Call us today for more information.