The tribulations & tragedies of 2020 are beyond the imagination of the best fiction writers, except Dante himself.

The waves keep crashing down on us.  Hard and furious.

Properties which should have easily leased sit vacant due to riots and looting.

Appliance purchases are delayed weeks and even months due to supply chain interruptions.

Politicians drag constitutional protections through the gutters.

Folks batten down the hatches and clench their teeth.  They stand resolutely defiant of the energy driven by uncontrollable forces.  They read Facebook memes about “Staying Strong” in the face of adversity.  They listen to modern day podcasts about “never giving up”.  They are tossed about like a child’s sand bucket in the surf.  All the current commentary doesn’t seem to improve the results.

It’s tiring and I’m exhausted.

Maybe we need a new politician to save us?  Maybe we need a new King?

How about an old King…how about King Canute?

We can survive the rough waves by realizing we can only control what we can control.  That’s it.  Nothing more is needed than following this historical principle.

So quit believing the “new Kings” on social media, the “new Kings” trying to get elected into office.

They don’t have any more control over the incoming tide than you.

Focus on your Financial Freedom.