Canaries have long been trusted by coal miners to act as an early warning of deadly gas build ups.

One of the rent trends we are closely tracking in 2020 is the flight from urban to suburban areas. The dynamics are rapidly evolving….San Francisco might just be a canary.

Once Booming San Francisco Apartment Market Goes in Reverse – WSJ

Friday afternoon take aways:

  1. Tenants are realizing they are no longer tied like cattle to a feed trough.  They now have choices on where to live, regardless of where their job is located.
  2. Landlords who know their financials backwards and forwards will thrive and react swiftly to these market forces.
  3. Property management companies keeping an eye & ear on the market shifts will successfully guide their Landlords more accurately than those companies who think it’s still ‘business as usual’.

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Dan Baldini





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