“Are housing sales expected to continue strong during this pandemic?”

“Are people fleeing the urban areas and buying homes in the suburbs?”

“Is new construction still humming along?”

Like you, I’m reading all the legit tea leaves.

And watching all the legit podcasts possible.

Absorbing the facts of the housing market…and discarding the fiction like chaff.

None of the talking heads match the factual accuracy and insight of Zelman and Associates.

For many years now, Polaris Property Management has enjoyed a close relationship with Zelman & Associates in the sharing of data on rental markets, investment activity, and secondary industries like new construction, title companies, even big box companies like Lowes, Home Depot, etc.  In exchange for our local data sharing, we get access to their extremely detailed and advanced analytics, weekly reporting, and other juicy publications that are not available to open market participants.

Here’s a concise interview she recently did with TD Ameritrade on these time sensitive questions and more.

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Dan Baldini


Polaris Property Management