Being a landlord holds great responsibility—you take care of your tenants, make sure everyone is following government rules, and make an extra effort to give your tenants a smooth renting experience. Rental agencies always make sure that they work with an honest and reputable landlord.

They say when you do good, you attract good. If you put this philosophy in your work ethic, it can do wonders for your career. When you are a good landlord, you attract good tenants who you can consider as customers. When your customers are happy, they will continue to build loyalty and trust with you. Here are some tips on how to be a better landlord to your tenants:

Make sure your property is insured

Before you put up your property for rent, you want to make sure that you and your future tenants are protected by insurance. It is best to set a meeting with a property management company that could help you choose the proper insurance your building needs. 

They may suggest that you get a Property Insurance and Liability Insurance. This type of insurance protects you and your property from damages and can also protect you in the event of a lawsuit.

Get to know potential renters well

A landlord cannot be relaxed about choosing their potential tenants. You must be able to set a certain amount of time to interview and get to know your tenants properly. If they plan to open a business on your property, it is only right for you to ask them to tell you their process and what they are planning to do. Ask them to fill up an application form, request for essential documents and information that can help you get a background check on your potential tenants.

No matter who they are, may they be a family member or a friend, it’s always best not to be too lenient and to be stern about your property rules. Once you’ve established a relationship with your tenants, you’ll be happy that you made an effort to get to know them.

Always maintain your property

Sometimes a landlord can get too relaxed and pass all the burden to the tenants. Whether it be a broken pipe or a leaky roof, it’s always best to be on top of all these issues. Calling a plumber or a carpenter to help your tenants with these issues will make your relationship even stronger. Always check up on your tenants’ spaces to see which parts need repairs and upgrades. This way, you’ll be able to prevent future damage to your property as well.


The best landlords are those who are humble and who continue to be responsible for their tenants’ safety and well-being. They build strong relationships with their tenants and are always aware of their needs. Working with a reputable property management company will help give you the much-needed protection of your property and your tenants’ needs.

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